Scotas - Real Time Search Solution
 Solr/Lucene + Oracle integration
 Complex search integrated into RDBMS engine
 Solr extended query syntax in SQL
 Near real-time search
 Transactional secure storage for solr
 Sends data to the Solr out-of-the-box installation
 Keep you relational data in-sync
 Consumes data during query time with new SQL
operators and functions
 Fast application development

What they say about us

Scotas provides full advantage of text search capabilities to find exactly what users want.

Also allow us to develop features like Did You Mean and Auto-Complete.

by Pedro Pinheiro - DB and Performance Architecture at ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A.

Scotas allowed us to run advanced queries against our data generating new opportunities,

and was very easy to integrate with our Apex apps.

by Marcelo Burgos - Healthcare

Scotas comes with perfect timing to match the increasing needs of diving into huge

amount of data. I'm excited about integrating Scotas with SAP�s big data platform.

by Ernesto Krawchik - Public Services Director, Spanish Speaking South America at SAP

Why Scotas?
Scotas brings a remarkable advancement to Enterprise Text Search. Scotas combines and synchronize the high-performance, full-featured Solr/Lucene text search engine with the industry leading Oracle Database's performance, scalability, security, and reliability.

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